Pro Tour

Acworth, GA ---------------------------- 1st

Fort Worth, TX ------------------------- 3rd

Colorado Springs, CO ------------------ 3rd

Knoxville, TN --------------------------- 2nd

Pro Tour Overall ----------------------- 2nd

Worlds, Indianapolis, IN -------------- 4th

Queen of Wake 2011------------------ 3rd


Wakestock, Toronto  ------------------ 1st

Nationals Reno, NV -------------------- 5th

Worlds, Orlando ------------------------ 5th


Australian Pro Tour Overall ---------- 2nd

AUS Pro Tour, Sydney ----------------- 1st

AUS Pro Tour, New South Whales --- 2nd

Wake Games, Orlando ---------------- 3rd


2008 World Cup Queen Of Wake --- 3rd

AUS Pro Tour, Sydney ---------------- 2nd

AUS Pro Tour, Hamilton ------------- 3rd

Tige Pro Am, Portland OR ----------- 2nd

Pro Wakeboard Tour, Twin Cities -- 3rd

Pro Wakeboard Tour, Phoenix AZ -- 3rd

WWA Wakeboard Worlds, OK-------- 3rd


Nautique WWA Nationals ------------ 3rd

Wake Games, Orlando --------------- 3rd


Pro Tour Overall ---------------------- 4th

Wakestock, Toronto ----------------- 1st

Nationals, WI ------------------------- 2nd

Wake Games, Orlando -------------- 2nd

Pro Tour, Atlanta -------------------- 2nd

Gravity Games Perth, AUS ---------- 3rd


Pro Tour Overall ---------------------- 2nd

Pro Tour, Orlando -------------------- 2nd

Pro Tour, Reno ----------------------- 2nd

Nationals ------------------------------ 3rd

Gravity Games, Perth AUS ---------- 5th


X Games, Long Beach --------------- 5th

Nationals, Indianapolis ------------- 3rd

Worlds, Orlando --------------------- 4th

IWSF World Cup, Singapore -------- 2nd

Pro Tour, Reno ----------------------- 3rd

Vans Triple Crown, Portland ------ 2nd

Tige Open, Kaui --------------------- 4th

Japan World Cup -------------------- 2nd


X Games, Long Beach -------------- 2nd

Gravity Games, OH ----------------- 4th

Malibu Open, Sacramento --------- 3rd

Worlds, Orlando --------------------- 6th

Nationals, Austin -------------------- 5th


Vans Triple Crown Overall ---------- 2nd

Vans Triple Crown, Pensacola ----- 1st

Pro Tour, Orlando ------------------- 5th

Masters, Callaway Gardens -------- 5th

Malibu Open, Sacramento --------- 3rd

Gravity Games, Cleveland --------- 2nd

X Games, Philadelphia ------------- 4th

Nationals, Ft Worth ---------------- 5th

Worlds, Orlando --------------------- 4th

Hiiiidey ho! I’m Melissa Marquardt, welcome to my website.  I grew up in Canyon Lake, California with my family where I was fortunate enough to live on a lake where we grew up boating and skiing. When I was twelve my brothers and I discovered wakeboarding.  My brothers and their friends would take me wakeboarding everyday after school and in the summer. We loved hanging out on the boat, swimming, and wakeboarding. Since then, wakeboarding has opened up so many opportunities I never would have imagined. 

When I was thirteen, thanks to my good friend Darrin Medley, Liquid Force gave me my first board. Tony Finn, Don Wallace, and Jimmy Redmond put me on the Liquid Force team and have been very supportive and loyal since day one.  I began competing in the Canyon Lake contests and many other local contests. I met many of my good friends and mentors when I first started wakeboarding that have influenced my riding and lifestyle in a very positive direction. I grew up riding under the wings of my family, Randall Harris and Family, Ricky Gonzales, Ryan Augustine, Darrin Medley, Damian Klass, Ricky Ephrom, Aaron Grace, Jeff Barton, Billy Mcaffry, Keith Kipp, Chris Sayer, Cory Marrotta, and Sean Seagren.  Watching these riders has motivated and influenced my riding in many ways. 

I entered my first pro contest when I was fifteen. I won my first Pro contest the same year in Oahu, Hawaii.  I never thought I would be a professional wakeboarder, but I knew I loved wakeboarding and the people involved in it. Being involved in the industry and placing well in contests motivated me to progress my riding and help grow women’s wakeboarding as much as possible. Living in Southern California, we are lucky enough to enjoy being on the water in the summertime and in the winter we spend our free time snowboarding and skateboarding. I also spend my winters practicing, working out, going to boat shows, and traveling.

The last five years I have been spoiled with having the opportunity to spend some time in Australia. I love Australia; it is one of my favorite places in the world.  I usually spend my time there with Amber Wing and the rest of the Aussie posse. We compete in the Australian Pro tour and travel around the country getting a second summer in Aus while it’s winter at home. My sponsors have given me so many opportunities to travel to places I never imagined I would have the chance to go to.  I work very closely with my sponsors sharing ideas and making sure the product is innovative and on point.  Liquid Force does a great job listening to their team riders and wants to hear our opinion about everything.  I have helped design many products including my pro model board, boots, life vest, clothing and as well as other products for my other sponsors.  My goal along with the rest of the pro female wakeboarders is to keep pushing our riding to the next level, get as many people on a wakeboard as possible, and grow our sport in a positive direction. I hope everyone who has been wakeboarding before, loves it as much as I do. Thanks for visiting my site, I will have current news updates, photos and videos of me and other riders in our adventures and travels. Enjoy and get out there and shred!


Hometown Canyon Lake, CA

Birthday 11.16.83

Ht/Wt  5’4”/ 115

Sponsors Liquid Force, Monster Energy, Spy, Cobian, Freestyle, Skullcandy, Osiris